Giacomo’s is legit.

In the past year, I’ve learned an important lesson about the Gate City.  If you want to experience its best assets, you have to embrace the strip mall.  I have a deep rooted aversion to them, especially the ones anchored by the redneck triumvirate of Wal-Mart–Food Lion–Cato’s Fashions.  Anyway, Giocomo’s is a little Italian gemma located in one such structure on New Garden Road.  I think it overlooks a bowling alley.

I cannot believe I have lived here over a year and never found this place.  Inside feels like New York, and the food is incredible, offering an array of deli meats (some homemade), imported and house made cheeses (fancy!), fresh breads, and veggie salads.  Most importantly, it’s the kind of rare bird that does its veg just as well as meat.  Honestly, it is not very challenging to wrap bacon around miscellaneous vegetables/fruits/animal proteins (have you seen the turbaconducken?) and make them taste good.  No hate on bacon, but truly delicious veg requires quality ingredients and (for me, at least) some diligent experimentation.

Giacomo’s can really execute some fine Italian fare.  I brought home some roasted zucchini, sliced in long ribbons seasoned liberally with garlic, sun dried tomatoes, and salata caponata, a Sicilian salad comprised of roasted eggplant, olive, and pine nuts.

The menu changes daily, which is always a good sign.  Giacomo’s  219 New Garden Rd., Greensboro.

Giacomo's Italian Market on Urbanspoon


One response to “Giacomo’s is legit.

  1. I’ve always heard this place has incredible food. My mom loves their lasagna. I need to try it next time I head home!

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