A revival of sorts

Born again!  After a prolonged period of silence, I’m recommitting — just like the fundamentalists do every summer in a humid tent beside the highway.  Maybe fewer snakes on my end, though.  Definitely more liquor.  

A number of life changes have taken place since I’ve emerged from purgatory law school, among them a move to a beautiful mountain town with a pretty dreamy food scene.  And while there’s no shortage of folks instagramming their suppers when we dine out, I hope to focus less on the popular (Tupelo, your daily 2 hour wait suggests that you need no more press) and more on the nouveau.  Of course, there’s plenty of action in our newly refurbished home kitchen as well.


kitchen circa August 2013 — approaching something functional 


One response to “A revival of sorts

  1. What delicious recipes noted on your blog, however I notice your are looking towards the right wall. Have you considered a small oil? Or is there a consideration of a pot rack in that space? Please keep us posted.

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